The Kraken Cup

AKC World Team Bye Event

December 16-17, 2023
ENTRIES CLOSE ON December 1, 2023, at 11:59 pm

The event is open to all dogs and handlers registered with AKC. No qualification necessary to enter.

The Venue

Del Mar Horsepark
14550 El Camino Real
Del Mar, CA 92014


The Judges

Course designers: 
Thora Van Der Stock, Belgium
Jordi Boix Baró, Spain

Ken Boyd
Vista, CA

Classes Offered

ISC classes only. Agility and Jumping.


Two rings, outdoors on grass. 130’x90′. There will NOT be closing gates. In the event of inclement weather–ie rain–we will be under cover on felted sand.


Saturday: Agility levels 1-3, Jumping levels 1-3.

Sunday: Agility levels 2-3, Jumping levels 2-3, and a “final” round for special prizes.




Running Order

Running Order Catalog

Podiums and Prizes

Cool prizes will be awarded to the winners of each class. More details soon…

Entry Forms

Hard copy premium; ISC Kraken Cup Dec 2023 premium

Online entry form: Kraken Cup Online Entry Form

Hotel Group Rate

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RV Camping and Stall Reservation Form

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Overall Kraken Rules

The Kraken Cup overall winners and qualifying placements (2nd, 3rd) will be awarded to all regular AKC height classes.
Preferred dogs will be combined for scoring with their regular jumping height. The A3 level final round is OPEN for ALL TEAMS
to run who enter. However, teams must make the eligibility cutoff to be considered for the overall Cup title and placements.

Eligibility for the Kraken Cup overall winner will be determined by;

  • The preliminary Jumping 2 and Agility 2 round scores (four total rounds; two Jumping 2 and two Agility 2) will be combined cumulatively, and the top 50% scoring dogs in each jump height will advance to the Cup final.
  • Winners of any level 2 or 3 class will get a bye to the final round. Final round byes must be clean or a MAXIMUM OF FIVE FAULTS to obtain a bye to the final. Winners of byes MUST be pre-entered in the final round in order to participate in the Cup Overall event. In the event a bye is won but cannot be used (due to lack of entry) the next placement in that class who has entered the final round will be awarded the bye.
  • All height classes in the final round will have a minimum of 50% of total entry for each jump height division, OR a minimum of 3 dogs, whichever is greater.
  • If there are less than 5 dogs in a jump height, that jump height will be combined with the next height for a preliminary round placements and for determination for the final round runs and placements.
  • The final round will start “clean”. Once qualified from the initial rounds, the scoring will be based on final round results only. Competitors who did NOT make the cut off from initial rounds but who place in the last round will not be considered in final Cup scoring, unless they won a bye to that round by winning a preliminary class.

Winners of the final round will receive special prizes, plus bragging rights!

Questions about ISC?

Here is an article with more information.

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Local Intel

Local Intel – Del Mar


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