UKI Info

Curious about UKI?

Here are the most frequent questions we have been receiving about UKI.

What makes UKI different?

UKI courses usually include bigger rings than typical ring sizes in other venues and challenge agility teams’ technical skills. Courses may also be more fun for the dogs because they get to run a lot. UKI was created keeping safety and fun for dogs a key priority.

Do I have to start at the bottom?

No. Please look at the following chart to determine the level your dog would be starting at.

UKI Transfer Levels

What are the jump heights?

There are two jump height options: regular and select. Please look at the charts below:

UKI Regular Jump Heights

UKI Select Jump Height

Do I need to measure my dog again?

If a handler has an actual written measure from another organization and presents that card, UKI will grandfather and accept that as the measure for the dog provided that measure is not within 1/8 inch (3mm) of a UKI jump height cutoff.

How much does it cost to register?

$15 per handler for 10 years and $15 per dog.

What classes are available?

The most popular classes are:

  • Agility (comparable to Standard in other organizations)
  • Jumping (comparable to JWW in AKC)
  • Snooker (comparable to USDAA)
  • Gamblers (the gamble does not necessarily require distance handling skills)
  • Speedstakes (comparable to Steeplechase in USDAA or Jumpers in CPE)

How do you progress through the levels?

UKI has two Programs: International and Speedstakes:

International Program

This program allows your dog to achieve titles and progress up the Levels by gaining level points for clear rounds in a combination of Agility, Jumping & Games Classes.

Speedstakes Program

This program consist of classes made up of only regular jumps and tunnels. Speedstakes courses have a fast and flowing setup.

See images below for progression levels.

UKI International Program Levels


UKI Speedstakes Program Levels

How do I get points for level progression?

You get points by obtaining clean rounds. You get more points based on your placement, and how many entries the class had. Please check table below:

UKI class points

What is the Masters Series?

The aim of the Masters is to encourage more competitive running in UKI classes and improve the overall standard of top level agility. The Masters Series has been created for dogs and competitors whose goal is to compete at both National and International levels. Masters Series is open to all UKI Level dogs including Select heights and there is a separate competition for each height. Agility and Jumping rounds results are combined. The winner gets prize money! More details are available in show premiums.

Can I train in the ring?

Yes, you can take the whole course time to train your dog on your choice of sequence or equipment and rewarding with a non-food and non-audible toy inside the ring, as long as you are not practicing a sequence for a later class.

Can I train in the ring and reward with food?

Yes, if the trial offers the food reward area. This is an area adjacent to the ring where you can take your dog and reward with food. After you reward your dog, you can go back to the ring and continue your run.

What are the classes like?