What is the AKC Agility Course Test (ACT)?

ACT1/ACT1J are an entry level tests that are designed to introduce dog and handler to the agility ring and basic agility obstacles.

  • Participants run a course at any jump height, 10-12 obstacles. Obstacles used are: A-Frame(5’), table, jumps and tunnels>
  • Complete the course in 60 seconds, no missed contacts, no dropped bars, no obstacle attempted more than 3 times and no more than 3 wrong courses.
  • 2 qualifying scores equals a title

Other important info

  • ACT Tests the dog’s understanding of basic agility skills.
  • A dog may be entered in any height.
  • Dogs must be 15 months or older
  • A dog should be comfortable on all equipment prior to entering.
  • The ACT1/ACT1J titles can be achieved in one day if the event offers two runs in each class
  • The dog may not have earned any Agility title however the dog may already have legs in Novice classes. For example: if a dog has 2 legs in Novice JWW and 1 leg in Novice Standard they can still run in the ACT event.
  • Non-registered dogs are eligible (can be registered day of event, for canine partners or AKC registration).
  • Dogs without registration numbers will be issued a temporary one after the event by the AKC office.
  • Courses are designed by Agility Field Reps and AKC approved agility judges.
  • If a dog/handler team is pre-entered in an ACT event and completes an agility title
    prior to the ACT event, the dog/handler are no longer eligible to participate in the
    ACT event.