Ringside chat with Shane Miller

Wednesday May 17 5PM PST

San Diego Coastal Agility Club is excited to present our second of a series of ringside chats in an effort to fulfill our mission of bringing agility information to our community. We are honored to have Shane Miller as our speaker!

Shane has been involved with agility since 2009 when he started with his first dog, a Rottweiler named Kalil. In 2011 he got his first Belgian Malinois, Luna, with a desire to be more competitive in agility. That desire was quickly realized as at 3 years old Luna was selected to be on the 2014 European Open team. They were on the EO team for 5 straight years (2014-2018). They also attended, as part of Team USA, the 2016 World Agility Championship, the 2018 Agility World Championship, the 2019 World Agility Open, and the 2019 FMBB (Belgian world championships). On top of their wealth of international experience, Shane and Luna have also stood on many podiums nationally for Regionals, Classics, Cups, and Nationals.

In 2018, Shane took the next step in his agility journey by becoming a UKI judge. He quickly became a popular judge due to his great course designs focusing on spacing, challenges, and flow. He was asked to be a US Open reserve judge in 2021 and a main judge for the 2022 US Open. He also designed courses for the 2020 Canadian virtual Open and the 2021 Canadian Open, though he was unable to attend due to Covid restrictions. He will also be adding to his judging credentials by being a judge at the 2023 West Coast Open and the inaugural 2024 1-TDC UKI Invitational.  Additionally, he was one of 8 UKI judges asked and trusted to be course reviewers for UKI starting in 2022.

Additionally, Shane also teaches agility where he focuses on getting teams to believe in their skills and training by showing what is possible, even on the hardest challenges, by focusing on foundation fundamentals and of the communication between human and dog.

Outside of the world of agility, Shane works as a Unified Communications engineer. He and his wife live in Illinois and are the proud owners of 5 Belgian Malinois.