Ringside Chat with Desiree Snelleman

San Diego Coastal Agility Club is excited to present our first of a series of ringside chats in an effort to fulfill our mission of bringing agility information to our community. We are honored our inaugural speaker is Desiree Snelleman!

Desiree is a lifelong athlete, teacher, coach and mentor and has competed in agility, nosework and obedience. Her first agility dog was a Husky (Tai) and she has since competed with 4 border collies. Desiree has too many achievements to name but Desiree has represented the U.S. on multiple world teams with placements, competed at Crufts, won the British Open Jumping event, has multiple USDAA Agility Championships and AKC National Agility Championships among many other accolades. Desiree will share with us how she has remained consistently competitive in the ever changing sport of dog agility! (Desiree’s BIO 2023)

Please join us for our inaugural ringside chat with Desiree, which will be one hour long. Funds raised from this event will go towards purchasing equipment so this club can hold more community agility fun runs and AKC ACT runs and trials. Register here and the minimum recommended contribution is $20 but please give any amount you are able to.

As always, we appreciate our agility community’s support!

Wednesday March 29th at 5:30pm PST via Zoom.

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